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In the 70s and early 80s, I was an enthusiastic publisher of fanzines, and in fact, still have the Gestetner mimeo machine on which I published them (though it hasn't been used in many years). I discovered scans of a bunch of issues of one of my zines, Urf Durfal at Whining Kent Pigs, and figured I'd grab them and put them up here. Not likely to spend the time to dig out the rest and scan them myself, but hey, nice to have them archived. Interestingly, many of them are addressed to Rod Walker (with whom I traded).

Urf Durfal was a postal Diplomacy zine, meaning that it carried postal games of the game Diplomacy, and variants thereof. A typical issue was 12 pages (6 sheets double-sided, precisely one ounce and therefore a convenient size given postal rates), but the actual turn results rarely took up much space, so the rest was filled by whatever I found amusing to write, or pieces friends sent me or the list. Think of it, therefore, as the pre-Internet equivalent of a teenager's somewhat disorganized and ranty blog.

And hey, I also found some scans of my science fiction zine, GIGO, at Archive.org, so grabbed them too. It was my second zine (my first was called The Inverted Grapefruit). I also published an early D&D zine, Fire the Arquebusiers!, and a number of one-shots.

Urf Durfal


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