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Nuclear Winter

The Realistic After-the-Holocaust Game


Design: Greg Costikyan

Development: Joe Balkoski, John M. Ford, and Nick Quane

(1.0) The 90-Minute War Table

(2.0) Fallout Table

(3.0) Collapse of Civilization Table

(4.0) Nuclear Winter Table

(5.0) Optional New Jersey Rule

If you live in New Jersey, add one to all die-rolls.

(6.0) Optional Breathing Rule

Each time you take a breath, mark off one breath box. When all six boxes have been marked off, you are dead.

Designer's Notes

For some reason, after-the-holocaust games seem real popular right now. Why is beyond me; I can think of few more depressing environments in which to live. In addition, most such games are patently ludicrous; a few years after a full-scale nuclear exchange, nothing will be left by the rats and the roaches. However, I might as well cash in on the trend, too.

Coming Soon from Costikyan Publishing Empire


The sequel to Nuclear Winter

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