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Interactive Entertainment Means Games

The game industry -- or industries, as conventional retail, arcade, casual, indie, mobile, web, mass-market boardgame, and hobby games constitute overlapping but different industries -- is the second largest entertainment industry in the world, and growing faster than all alternative forms of entertainment.

I've been involved in the field virtually since its inception, almost 30 years, and have experience as a game designer, software developer, producer, manager, and entrepreneur. With a deep understanding of "the game" in all its forms, of business practices and models, of software development methodologies, and of the aesthetic of the audience, I can assist your firm in its interactive entertainment ventures.

Whether the need is for business strategy and analysis, positioning a technology for success in the games industry, repurposing existing IP for profitability in the gaming space, implementing entertainment or educational product with game-like aspects, an understanding of the nature of the field, or the development of a solid interactive design, I can provide the knowledge, services, and contacts you need to ensure success.


Business consulting clients have included:

Game Design

I've designed more than 30 commercially released computer, online, wireless, board, and roleplaying games; there's a complete ludography on this site.

As a consultant (as opposed to staff member), I've worked with:


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In video games, KMS Pico is used as part of a system to activate or unlock additional content, such as additional levels, characters, cosmetic items, etc.