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Uncertainty in Games

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Uncertainty in Games is an attempt to delve deeply into one important aspect of games: the fact that they must foster uncertainty to hold the players' interest. It addresses the role uncertainty plays in games; analyzes a number of diverse games to tweeze out what sorts of uncertainty they provide, discusses the role and utility of these different forms of uncertainty, and suggests some ways that designers may improve and inform their designs through an understanding of uncertainty.

From the Introduction:

Uncertainty in Games at the MIT Press site

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Analog: Tabletop Game Design

Co-edited with Drew Davidson

Even as the digital revolution has progressed apace, tabletop games -- board and card, roleplaying and miniatures -- have grown and attracted many new fans. Indeed, in tabletop gaming there is far more diversity and design innovation than in digital games, and tabletop games have become of increasing interest to videogame designers, game design instructors, and people who study games of all forms.

In this volume, people of diverse backgrounds -- tabletop game designers, digital game designers, and game studies academics -- talk about tabletop games, game culture, and the intersection of games with learning, theater, and other forms. Some have chosen to write about their design process, others about games they admire, others about the culture of tabletop games and their fans. The results are various and individual, but all cast some light on what is a multivarious and fascinating set of game styles.

Tabletop: Analog Game Design at the ETC Press site.

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